As part of Advance Service Group, ASG Collection Ltd. provides full range of business process outsourcing services to over one hundred domestic and international companies in order to support them in achieving optimization of their activities.
Among the areas of economic activities of our clients are:

• Non-governmental organisations activities;
• Activities of tourist agents and operators and other travelling and booking service providers;
• Telecommunications;
• Post and courier services;
• Loaning and operating lease;
• Information technology activities;
• Specialized construction activities;
• Construction of buildings;
• Wholesale and retail trade and technical maintenance and repair of cars and motorcycles;
• Retail trade of goods other than cars and motorcycles;
• Production of ironware, excluding machines and equipment;
• Manufacture of computer and communication devices, electronic and optical products ;
• Printing and reproduction of recorded data;
• Accommodation;
• Restaurants;
• Plant and livestock production, hunting and subsidiary activities.